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I find myself in the enviable position of having a wealth of the finest training available and decades of “in the trenches” fundraising experience, while not needing to make a full-time salary. I am now offering my services to nonprofits needing fundraising help at affordable rates. Below you will find my levels of service and excellent rates.

*Certificate in Fund Raising ManagementIndiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy

A Life Mission Statement

Informed by my worldview,
as long as I have life in me,
I will abide by three core values:


about people, especially those who are in need of my help


to do something big, something important, something worthwhile, and do it well


my life with others, engage with those around me.

Why hire us?

Consultants are: Expert & Experienced, Flexible & Available, Independent & Objective, & Cost Effective

Employee Annual Cost:

Salary per hour $30.00
Benefits 10.50
Overhead rate 6.25
Gen. & Admin. 4.50
Effective Rate $51.25
Hours/year x2080

Total Annual Cost $106,600

*Deltek Insight 2012 Report

Consultant Annual Cost:

Hourly rate $55 per hour
x 18 hours per week
(50 weeks = 900 hours per year)

Total Annual Cost $49,500

Plus no pay for holidays, vacation, sick days

Our Services

What do you need?

Level 1:

Help Me Right Now

Analysis & Advice—we look at your budget, your funding history and your recent efforts, and give you a plan with three actions you can take today.


Level 2:

Help Me This Year

We review your recent years of funding history, your staff, volunteer and Board engagement levels, evaluate your culture, strengths and goals to produce a 12-Month Plan for:

  • Annual Fund Budget Fundraising
  • Grants
  • Special Events
  • Major Gifts


Level 3:

Be My Help

16-80 hours per month, 6-months renewable.

  • Contract Fundraising
  • Grantwriting
  • Events
  • Marketing
  • Mentoring staff and/or board
  • Capital Campaign Design and Management

Hours as needed. [$55/hour]

Level 4:

Help Me Find a Fundraiser

  • Job Descriptions
  • Performance Matrices
  • Salary Recommendations
  • Candidate Search, Hiring Process

[10% of first-year salary]


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